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Opening Hours of Bird Garden

The Bird Garden is open every day from 7am in the morning. If you visit early in the morning you will see retired people “walking their birds” and sitting around and chatting. Unlike bird fanciers in other countries the keepers of birds in Hong Kong rarely if ever take their songbirds out of their cages.

Instead they have the cages up in convenient locations so that the birds can get the fresh air and sunshine while their owners pass the time reading newspapers or chatting.

It is not until later in the day that the Bird Garden becomes more active. Mid afternoon is generally the best time as this is when the songbirds are most active, depending on the time of the year, and the stalls are full of the sounds of their songs.

Although the Garden itself doesn’t close until 8PM most stalls have shuttered by 6PM, and have started their sometimes lengthy cleaning process by 5PM. Therefore arriving any time around lunch time and spending a couple of hours in the area would be the best way to enjoy what is special about Bird Garden.

Bird Garden

Enjoy this unique part of Chinese culture in Hong Kong, whether you be a bird fancier or not the unique sight of the Hong Kong bird enthusiast sharing and discussing with their fellows is an opportunity not to be missed.

Sights and sounds of exotic birds with the background of a traditional style Chinese walled garden with decorative mosaics.

Consider a mini-bird cage as a decorative souvenir of your time in the garden even if you do not keep birds yourself!

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