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What to Buy in Bird Garden

Although the stalls in Bird Garden are selling songbirds there are actually many other related items for sale, some of which make excellent souvenirs.

Many stalls are dedicated to the birdcages, both modern steel and plastic ones but also the very traditional hand crafted wooden ones which can range from the inexpensive to the luxurious and priced to match. There are also many interested feeders and water bowls for birds which are made of metal engraved with designs or ceramics. Some of the most beautiful are traditional blue and white Chinese pottery and are great souvenirs on their own whether you are a bird fancier or not.

Traditional wooden cages come in a range of sizes and shapes and typically have a traditional styling in the scrollwork and reliefs.

Ceramic bowls also come in two basic sizes, a small thimble sized one and another about the size of a Chinese rice bowl.


Bird Garden

Enjoy this unique part of Chinese culture in Hong Kong, whether you be a bird fancier or not the unique sight of the Hong Kong bird enthusiast sharing and discussing with their fellows is an opportunity not to be missed.

Sights and sounds of exotic birds with the background of a traditional style Chinese walled garden with decorative mosaics.

Consider a mini-bird cage as a decorative souvenir of your time in the garden even if you do not keep birds yourself!

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