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Sightseeing around Bird Garden

Yuen Po Bird Garden is located conveniently close to many interesting attractions of Kowloon.  As part of your trip to the Bird Garden also consider some of these other major destinations for visitors which are close by.


Diocesan Boys' School - one of the oldest schools in Hong Kong

Boundary Street - originally the boundary between British controlled Kowloon and China until 1898


Grand Century Place


Flower Market Road


Fa Hui Park - Which hosts the Kowloon Luna New Year fair

Kings Park

Kowloon Tsai Park - With the remains of the Checkerboard hill used for the famous Kai Tai airport aproach.



Bird Garden

Enjoy this unique part of Chinese culture in Hong Kong, whether you be a bird fancier or not the unique sight of the Hong Kong bird enthusiast sharing and discussing with their fellows is an opportunity not to be missed.

Sights and sounds of exotic birds with the background of a traditional style Chinese walled garden with decorative mosaics.

Consider a mini-bird cage as a decorative souvenir of your time in the garden even if you do not keep birds yourself!

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